Carol Vigoda-Fuchs, Children’s Author From New Jersey

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Carol Vigoda-Fuchs is an independent, life-affirming and humorous lady from New Jersey. She is the daughter of the American actor Abe Vigoda, that tall, charismatic, dour-faced figure with slouched shoulders who is well-known through film and television. Inspired by her father’s work and endowed with a generous portion of humour, she wrote her first play at the age of ten years. At that time it was successfully performed at the Robert Fulton School in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Since then she has never lost her passion for writing. As a mother to three sons, aunt to two nieces and a grandmother to two boys, her home is always open to children for whom she thinks up numerous stories. “Seasons change and so do Iˮ is her first published book. It was written in honor of her deceased son and plays a great role in her mourning process.

Carol Vigoda-Fuchs spends a lot of her time outdoors in the country to which she has a close relationship. She finds consolation in the small signs she perceives, such that can mend the tears in her soul and afford her some peace.

Carol’s grandson Johnathan also perceives these signs. The story is told through his eyes and with the five-year-old’s words as well as some of his own photographs.

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Carol Vigoda-Fuchs Headshot