Seasons Change and So Do I

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Little Johnathan mourns his Uncle. He misses him as he doesn’t come to play with him anymore. Or does he actually?

“Seasons Change And So Do I” is a children's book about grief, faith, and emotional healing. It's a touching and affectionate story about a boy who finds consolation in nature, and is lovingly supported by his parents and grandmother. He discovers that his uncle is by his side through all seasons.

An illustrated book for children from the age of 4 years about dealing with the loss of a relative, about grief and hope - from a 5-year-old's perspective.

This book is also available in German.

Awards and Recognition

ELLA Kindness Certified Sticker


From Ella's Way

The sketched and softly colored drawings illustrate the spiritual magic of the story and offer a sense of seasonal familiarity with summer's high, puffy clouds, autumn's falling leaves, winter's snowmen and spring's dirt bike rides. It is an imaginative, creative and thoughtful story that is meant to provide comfort and support to a grieving child. Ella's Way recommends Seasons Change and So Do I as it highlights children's mental and emotional health while celebrating the beautiful, natural and healing gifts that are all around us.

Kristen Cavallo

A beautifully written and illustrated picture of how we never really lose the ones we love, if we understand the signs.

S. Dean

This is a story about a child’s uncle’s death and the way adults try to confront him. Each season brings an encounter with nature that seems to carry a message of comfort from the beloved uncle. The writing is perhaps meant to be the boy’s way of thinking and telling the story. The art is reminiscent of a child’s drawings. The book is a good jumping off point for confronting a child when someone close dies. Not every family will handle exploring a death this way, but some will.

Adele O.

This inspirational book provides a message of hope and compassion by interweaving the never-ending balance between nature and the human condition. While it is told from a child's perspective, it is even a wonderful tool to enable adults to deal with the process of grieving. The book is very well written and beautifully illustrated and is definitely deserving of at least 5 stars.

Felice S.

Love this book... it was a joy to read & written with heartfelt  compassion & acceptance of the continuation of love & connection after the loss of a loved one. I look forward to sharing it with friends & family. Thank you for sharing this story.

Nancy R.

This is a wonderful book told from the perspective of a young boy dealing with the loss of his uncle. The young boy comes to terms with his grief by the author’s captivating idea of using nature as a means for healing, hope and optimism. The illustrations pull us into the story line and the book becomes a flowing, heartfelt journey. 5 star review to author Carol Vigoda Fuchs and illustrator Lori Rosen.

Gloria B.

I really enjoyed your book. A very uplifting story, especially if a child has lost someone they love.

Janice L.

An inspirational and comforting book to help young children how to deal with the loss of a loved one. So very difficult for a child to understand WHY their beloved person does not physically come to visit anymore.With compassion through nature hopefully this lost child can perceive that "their person" is ALWAYS with them! Beautifully written and illustrated.

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